Monday, July 26, 2010

Anyone have a copy of Australian copyright law?

This time, plagiarist David Richards gives us a two-fer on why it was OK for him to publish my Crestron UFO story without attribution. Goodie, goodie, double the fun!

1. My information must have come from a Crestron press release and Crestron must have supplied the photograph; therefore, it was OK to "rewrite" my original story. First, my story did not come from a press release. In fairness, David did rewrite some of the story -- the part where he added grammatical and factual errors.

2. "My economy is better than your economy."

While these excuses are amusing, I still long for the old David Richards -- the clever guy that invented a phantom Internet hacker cum plagiarizer.

In his own words this time around:
Firstly your copy is from a Crestron press release, Crestron has supplied the image and we have rewritten the story. The facts in the story are the same or are you now saying that only you can report the specifications for this device.

We work under Australian Copyright law. Your laws allow CEO’s of Companies like Dell and Intel to carry on running a Company despite the fact that they have engaged in bribery. In Australia our ACCC would have had these directors suspended. Then again your economy is stuffed and ours is booming.
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