Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Two Davids

For some reason, David Goldenberg reminds me of the serial plagiarist David Richards of 4Square Media, the Australian publisher of

Richards has been ripping off stories from CE Pro for many years (and TWICE and others) -- printing them nearly verbatim, using his own byline and failing to attribute the articles to the appropriate source.

A local news station called him on the plagiarism last year, and this was his reply:
We believe that a former employee who had access to our content engine has changed bylines, dates on stories and posted stories without our knowledge in an effort to discredit us. We also believe that someone is then feeding you with information.
Check Media Watch for the transcript, but if you really want to amuse yourself, watch the the video.


39 Cent Stamp said...

What luck huh? The hacker who was trying to hurt his reputation was actually bringing him traffic. I bet the mystery hacker is kicking himself right now :).

dave stevens said...

Hey Julie,
I've come to learn after all of these years of watching my original ideas and comedy bits blatantly stolen/plagiarized by other comedians and networks, this is the biggest form of flattery.

Even though it digs into my bottom line income and it pisses me off to no end, what can you do?

Case in point... As much as I enjoy and look forward to 39 Cent Stamp's posts, I'm still pissed they he stole my idea of my 1st Carver Toy post. The next day, he had posted several A/V rep and CEO action figures. Granted, I thought they were hysterical.

However, even though he created and selected his own characters to have fun with and wrote his own original copy, it was my original idea to even go in that direction. Again it is a form of flattery, but give credit to where credit is due.