Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazing Bose speakers: They improve with use!

David Richards, everybody's favorite CE plagiarist, reviewed the MusicMonitor computer speakers from Bose in 2007. But the review is still featured on David's Smarthouse home page, so it's still fair game for lampooning.

He titles the piece, "BOSE: Are These The Worlds Best Small Speakers? We Think So"

Well,  who could dispute that? According to David's reviews, these little guys actually improve the more you listen to them. Is it magic?

David writes:
After playing the Bose demo DVD I then moved to an array of music from classical to rock to good old jazz and with each track the performance just got better and better.
Likewise, his review just gets better and better as you read on ...
In sound labs around the world engineers are going to be pulling their hair out saying "Why didn't we think of this for small sound speakers".
What can one say about a product that is perfect except eat your heart out B&O.
These [$400] speakers are as good as a $2,000 pair of speakers from a high end Hi Fi manufacturer.
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