Saturday, September 5, 2009


Emotions running high...

if you are the person that posted the picture of the man killed in iraq than you have just PISSED A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF.

i am a marine wife and i do not appreciate what you have done. if you reported half of what was true in the war than you would have guts, the civilians have no idea what happens over there. you think that that young boy wanted his picture up there, that i might add fought for YOUR freedom, if you do half of what that man did in his life, then maybe you can feel good about your self, but right now i see someone who does not understand why we are having to fight this war. maybe while your over there you should try doing something wroth while, because now you have people looking at something they should never have seen. you might have the right to put that picture up there, but who in the crap do you think gave you that right, maybe you should start putting that in your story's. you just made it a whole lot harder for the families that have to send there loves ones over their even worst than what it was already and let me just say thanks butt-hole, because now when my husbands goes back for the THRIED time this will reminded me, not that i already do not have enough to worry about it, but just remember just like you i have freedom of speech just like you, but the only thing that is different from me and you I HAVE EARNED MINE BY STANDING BEHIDE MY HUSBAND, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

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This lady should use firefox for browsing because it has a built in spell checker.