Saturday, September 5, 2009

Julie Jacobson: 'Perhaps you are a Moron…or a Dumb ass'

Call me voyeuristic for reading the "real" Julie Jacobson's emails but I find the discussion fascinating:
Ms. Jacobson

Perhaps you are a Moron…or a Dumb ass…..maybe you are stupid……I will give you the benefit of the doubt and go with just plain ignorant….allow me to educate you on publishing the horrible photo of that brave Marine.

If the parents had no wishes……and it was strictly pros against cons….then you do in fact have a journalistic choice to make.

But…and this is a huge but!!!!!!!!!

The first stop was the parents and family….if they say no ….then it is no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cant hide behind journalistic integrity it doesn’t apply here….human decency does….try to think about that for a moment here

Lets try the shoes on your feet…..what if there were a picture of your mother…she was lying in the street blood gushing from an artery sticking from her neck……and a leg several feet away….and her arm all twisted and shredded……. because a drunk driver just crushed her as she was crossing the street

The journalist said “I have to publish this in the name of the world knowing how bad the problem is with drunk drivers”.

You used that young mans heroic life to further your own personal agenda and popularity… now you are popular…how do you like it???

Always remember and don’t ever forget “JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ….DOES NOT MEAN IT IS RIGHT TO”

Have a wonderful career you low life bottom feeder



39 Cent Stamp said...

Norm's email was very close to normal human being but then he had to go and paint that disgustingly vivid picture of a drunk driving death so a am pretty sure he is also a nut job.

Anonymous said...

This " photojournalist" should take a real long, hard look in the mirror.
What if this was your son , or brother or husband and you said "no", and they published it anyway... Have you ever had to need for anything in your life?
BTY, how did you get your job at AP?... know somebody perhaps, hmmmmm. You make me puke.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't let Julie smell where I pissed last. She should join MSNBC.
They'd scoop her right up...