Monday, January 30, 2012

SmartHouse Australia Again Steals Content from CE Pro

Australian Website SmartHouse rips off Kaleidescape story from CE Pro, and still gets it wrong. Serial plagiarist David Richards at it again.

Note to David -- This is an example of a credit:
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This is getting really tiresome. David W. Richards, the disgraced editor of SmartHouse in Australia, once again has stolen content from CE Pro without attribution (please don't visit his site).

In his erroneously titled piece (he can’t even get it right when he steals content), “Home Movie Servers Dead After US Court Ruling,” Richards refers to a document that only CE Pro apparently has uncovered thus far: the tentative decision favoring the DVD CCA in its eight-year case against Kaleidescape.

As a serial plagiarist, Richards was outed in 2009 by a national Australian TV station for repeatedly ripping off CE Pro and countless other mostly-U.S. outlets for many years. Most of his stories back then were reproduced word for word, with perhaps the addition of: “Those products are sold in Australia, too.”

Following that scathing (and rather hilarious) broadcast, after which Richards claimed his Website was hacked and his byline was placed on stories that he never posted, he continued plagiarizing but usually in the story mentioned the original source without a link.

By then, he had learned to rewrite a few sentences, mostly adding typos and other inaccuracies (“SpeakerCraft CEO Jim Burkhardt”?). At one point, I even sent him a marked-up copy of a story he stole from us, correcting his errors.

When I continued to harangue him via email and on my personal Website, (I have a DAVID RICHARDS tag), Richards told me, "It is NOT PLAGIARISM to rewrite a story that has appeared elsewhere. ..."

What do you think is it plagiarism or not?!

If you care to contact David, please feel to mention my name if you email him at


Dave Pedigo said...

It is definitely plagarism and at some point, since he claims to have made millionis, someone should file a civil suit.

Dave Pedigo said...

millions, not millionis

Julie Jacobson said...

Then he must have really deep pockets. Suit could go on forever!

Anonymous said...
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