Sunday, October 23, 2011

Publishing letters to creditors is 'slanderous at best'

From the INSULTS file: response to a "story" I posted that did little more than quote a letter to creditors:
Dear Julia [sic],
I can’t tell you how pathetic your story of our Asset Purchase of ### was. There was so little fact in this article.

I would suggest talking to all parties before printing something that our attorneys believe to be slanderous at best. If you had bothered to do any research you would have found that this all cash purchase also hired all sales and technical staff as well as took over the responsibility of all jobs in progress and service of all past jobs. It also created a new company with revenues well in excess of 11 Million Dollars.

I expect this article to removed and a full retraction within 24 hours before we move ahead with any damage claims against you.
Follow-up: No damage claims were filed.

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