Friday, July 1, 2011

Target goes all poetic on coupons

Attention target shoppers: Raise your hand if you know what a haiku is. That's what I thought.

But apparently Target thinks their customers quite literate, sending us a book of "haiku-pons," and urging us to "stock up with poetic savings inside."

Here are some of the gems:

Fresh breath on a brush
Mint polish for your choppers
Make your momma proud

A soft, cushy roll
Is a cozy, happy joy
Sweet squares of heaven

Beware, pesky grime
A point-and-squeeze power play
Swipe, call it a day

Sandwich needs loving
Slice of swiss should do the trick
Give thanks to the cows

A pick-me-up perk
How about another cup?
Two o'clock delight

Super-powered suds
Mighty matador for stains
Look! It's good as new

Guess what's in my hand
It's a treat worth begging for
Sit, shake, roll over

And this ...
Here's the fun part: "Every coupon used makes a new haiku." Like this:

It's a Target Haiku Mash-up! "So get clipping, creating and saving."

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