Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CE Pro plagiarizer gets it wrong ... again!

Please, David Richards, if you're going to steal our articles, at least get it right.

The infamous plagiarizer, proprietor of Australia's ChannelNews and SmartHouse, writes that Apple plans to launch a home automation system and "will train a squad of Genius Bar road warriors called the Genius Squad to install TV's (sic) and connected devices."

Not quite, David. 

I said in my article that "an Apple TV sale would be accompanied by professional installation … by a new group of Apple Genius Bar road warriors that Um calls the Genius Squad." [Emphasis added.]

Maynard Um is the UBS analyst who proposed such ideas in a letter to shareholders -- a letter that I couldn't find online, so instead lavished credit on Tech Trader Daily, the Barron's outlet that apparently broke the news. As usual, David provides no such courtesy, as per Web convention.

Instead, he goes along swiping choice lines from yours truly, verbatim: "Um suggests that Apple don't create a DIY or standalone home automation system, but rather something that would be part of the Apple ecosystem."

Well, almost verbatim. He says "don't create." I said "not create."

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