Monday, February 7, 2011

Someone didn't like my Net Neutrality story, takes aim at my hair

Me in 3rd grade, 1974, and me today. By gosh, Kevin is right!
Move over, Dave Rye of X10. A worse insult I have just received! Apparently, Kevin Gumm (don't know the guy) disagrees with my old story on Net Neutrality, in which I suggest the government need not interfere with our well-oiled Web.
He writes:
I just read your editorial on Net Neutrality that Ii found on my keyboard this morning.

That was just the most retarded piece I think you and your 5th grade boy circa 1983 haircut have ever written.

I am embarrassed for you.

You should ask a grown up about Net Neutrality and turn off Fox.

Fuck you,

Kevin [Gumm]
I strenuously object to Kevin's use of the "R" word. He needs to review the video below. I do agree, however, that I need a new hairdo.


Anonymous said...

LOL.. Notice how these idiots never offer up an reasons for why you are "dumb" or a "moron"?


Anonymous said...

PS.. your awesome hairdo is why i type in first thing!!! every morning. CE industry has no meaning with out JJ.

Kathy Gornik said...

I wonder which grownup Mr. Gumm thinks we're supposed to ask? The current administration's behavior is about controlling our economy, such as in health care and the bailouts, not to mention threatening other rights of speech, gun use, etc. So asking government officials about net neutrality is not an option.
Regarding this person's very personal attack, I'm sorry for you and for all of us that this is what passes for debate on contentious issues. Your writing is truly excellent and you have an ability to express complex, technical issues in an accessible and enjoyable way.
I am embarrassed for the depraved, pointless nature of this post but, alas, free speech, as freedom is in general, is a messy business.
Maybe we could ask Mr. Gumm to post his own picture so that we, too, could have irrelevant and inane prattle about hairdos. Then again, please don't. I'd rather hear from someone on the issue at hand and not merely ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is like making sausage.....Kevin is part of the mystery-meat that no one in their right mind would eat on its own.

Anonymous said...

And I like your hair!!!!! :)


P.S. Oh, and you are right on the issue, too.

James Waldrop said...


I found this blogpost but not your article on net neutrality. I am disappointed that I didn't get to read your insights or see a picture of your hair.

My take: broadband competition is a better solution than legislation as I outline in my blog Broadband Competition Will Solve Net Neutrality Better than the FCC.

Can't offer any advice on your hair.

Julie Jacobson said...

James, your wish is my command. Haircut images (then and now) have been added, and I must say Kevin is very close to correct on this point. Link to net neutrality story is in the copy.

Dennis said...

That is hilarious! Keep it coming, Julie!

Robert said...

You're absolutely right Julie. To lash out like that, he must not be very sure of his argument.

PS. Love your hair!