Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What would mom think of video games today?

June 28, 1968 (no that's not my mother on the cover)
Look what I found: a letter to the editor of Time magazine, dated June 28, 1968, submitted by Susan Jacobson, my mother.

What is, perhaps, even more amusing than the prudishness of my mom back then, is her decidedly un-feminist ways. Look how she signs the letter!
Sir: If we think we're a violent nation now, just wait until our young children grow up. My childhood was neuter dolls, chutes and ladders, and Little Lulu. Today's childhood is erotic dolls, authentic replicas of war guns (complete with vivid sounds) and a Saturday morning TV listing with enough sadism and murder to give even the most hardened criminal ideas.


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jeff said...

And she was right.