Friday, September 17, 2010

That amplifier is so skirt-as-a-shirt!

I take my civic responsibilities very seriously. So when some insensitive installer said in a public forum that a new URC multiroom amplifier "looks gay," I knew I had to speak up.

Thankfully, I received inspiration from Hilary Duff by way of this "Think Before You Speak" public service announcement.

Don't be afraid to tell someone it's not ok to say, "That's so gay."

By the way, do you think the URC DMS-1200 multizone amp is like wearing a skirt as a shirt?


39 Cent Stamp said...

This blog post is gay :)

Julie Jacobson said...

39, you will receive a knock at the door. There will be two people. They will look like ordinary people, with backpacks and a clip board. You will invite them into your home. You will sit with them, listen to their message. And then, after they leave, you will "Think Before You Speak."