Sunday, September 12, 2010

A modern Day O'Connor?

Rosario, O'Connor: Separated at Birth?
I rarely write letters to the St. Paul Pioneer Press editor, but I couldn't resist it this time, when a human-interest columnist compared his plight to that of Sandra Day O'Connor's.
Ruben Rosario empathizes with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (“When a high court justice had to work unpaid,” Sept. 12), who could find no law firm willing to employ a Stanford-educated woman in the 1950s.

She had to work gratis before landing a paid job as an attorney.

Rosario knows her plight all too well because he too “wrote close to 50 newspaper articles unpaid while fetching coffee …. I was passed over a few times in favor of fair-haired boys who had relatives in the newsroom.”

Right. Rosario is a modern Day O’Connor.

Did it ever occur to Rosario that he was passed over not for the color of his skin or his Hispanic surname, but for his sappy writing, which is as banal as the subjects he covers?

Julie Jacobson

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