Sunday, August 8, 2010

So easy a housekeeper can use it!

So where do housekeepers fall in the hierarchy of technology intelligence?

I know there are products that are "so easy your mother can use it!" There are even systems that your inept wife and grandmother can figure out!

But a housekeeper? If she can use a home automation system, then anyone can use it, possibly even a caveman.

So Lagotek must be the most intuitive system on the planet, according to Seattle homeowner Gregory Palant, a customer (and incidentally a company director). His testimonial (pdf) goes like this:
When we installed the Lagotek system, my wife was a bit concerned about having a computer network manage our home. Once she saw how simple it is to use, she started telling all our neighbors, relatives and friends that they should check it out. Even our housekeeper figured it out in just a few minutes.
Now I wonder if said housekeeper is a minority. The system would get some bonus points for simplicity, for sure!

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