Friday, August 6, 2010

Only in Texas?

Flipping through the "Community Education" pages, I stumbled across some great courses: Beginning Photoshop, Step Aerobics, Square Dancing Level I, Women's Self Defense ... and this one:
Deer Processing from Field to Freezer
Avoid the extra expense of paying a butcher shop to process your deer this fall. Swen-Dell Deer will take you through the entire process from field to freezer, including how to cut chops, roasts, trim for ground venison, and tips on making sausage. This is a demonstration class and will take place in an outdoor area, so please dress accordingly. A deer will be field dressed and prepared during class. Class includes a reference book. Cutting supplies will be available for optional purchase.$39/person
Only in Texas?

Evidently not. You'll find this course right here in Stillwater, Minn. Sign me up!


Harald Steindl said...

Didn't know, that the economy hit you that hard! lol

Julie Jacobson said...

Never huts to have some back-up skills.