Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2D is plenty for these dresses, thank you very much

I already noted the movies we don’t want to view in 3D. So how about the dresses?

The Stéphane Rolland watermelon-parachute dress (left) and the Georges Hobeika hula-bow number (right) are two examples of haute couture best viewed in two dimensions – at the very most.

Yet, Rolland and Hobeika are two of the designers featured in Looping Productions’ forthcoming 3D fashion show, which promises to make “the world’s most beautiful clothing and accessories … even more stunning!"

Looping teamed with Xpand 3D to film cadaverous models floating down the runway during Paris Haute Couture Week, July 5-8. Select TV viewers can enjoy the spectacle later this month when it is broadcast in 3D somewhere, somehow – the press release doesn’t say.

What it does say is: “At XpanD, fashion is a religion—we aim to not only make 3D content look fabulous, but to make the people wearing our glasses look fabulous as well.”


To prove its point, Xpand includes an image of “stylish” pink 3D glasses, noting, “Now, more than ever, XpanD 3D is truly ‘in vogue!’”

I'll tell you what. If I was wearing these hot-pink specs, I'd definitely look better than the queen.

My husband would happily wear them if the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show were broadcast in 3D.

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