Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holy crap! Did Ken really say that?

EH Publishing president Ken Moyes issued a video message about EHX yesterday via YouTube.

One manufacturer duly listened to the message -- with Google's text-to-speech enabled.

For all of you hard-of-hearing folks, let me assure you that Google's translation in this case is incorrect.


Mark Glidden said...

really funny! just goes to show despite advances we need to stay on top of what technology is doing with what we provide it.

Jason said...

OMG ... too funny. I swear it sounds like a South Carolina Miss Teen USA speech!

Here is a transcript of the Google closed-captioning ...

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they're going to have a lot of
it's going to be a great experience for them
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exhibitors it's not that
in Iraq
so also
that's what we're very aware two thousand ten
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not a recession here in Morgan city recover
the program started
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there should have run their business
the communist regime growing again in January
for think
in a recovery here
all those are focused on
how in the world
the no highly qualified customers the future
you'll lose these cuts
you're talking shit
the recovery period
you're looking for ways
great opportunity
I happen to be expensive
will the problem
we've been talking
for testing