Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goldenberg: I didn't know it was illegal

"There was nothing sophisticated about me getting into their e-mail. ... Honestly, I had no idea that it was illegal."
- David Goldenberg, former AMX VP who infiltrated the email server of Crestron rep firm Sapphire Marketing

"He didn't go searching for this. ... It basically hit him in the face."
- Goldenberg's attorney Dean Schneider, on the fact that an AMX employee who went to work for Sapphire left his laptop behind, along with information on user IDs and passwords

"I assumed that the ID ... and password ... were default passwords and that the person who's information I lucked upon would change it immediately."
- A very "lucky" Goldenberg

"It was voyeuristic. ... That's why we recommended counseling."
- Prosecutor Brian Lynch on the hours Goldenberg spent poring over Sapphire e-mails

Source: USA Today
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