Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SpeakerCraft and its Fluffy Spider FancyPants

39 Cent Stamp, you are too much

I was biting my tongue writing an article about SpeakerCraft and its new media server partner Fluffy Spider Technologies.

I quipped about the Fluffy name and then erased it, added it, erased it.

Then came Fluffy's UI platform: FancyPants.

Surely, I had to say something about that?!

In the end, I left the story personality-free. So the big question is: Can SpeakerCraft pull off "Media Center products" as the press release reveals?

(Who votes that Jeremy Burkhardt wears fancy pants if we ever get him in the EHX virtual dunking booth? LMFPO!)


Anonymous said...

been hearing for a year that they are going to come out with "the product" to change the industry w/ some kind of partnership with Apple. time will tell if that is true or bloated.

39 Cent Stamp said...

Perfect image! Cant get any fancier than those pants.

Julie Jacobson said...

Sure would like to see a speakercraft logo on those FancyPants, though.

39 Cent Stamp said...

Hows this?