Wednesday, January 28, 2009

73-year old jailed after fatal fight over remote control

Would that all battles over the remote were this playful.

What would you do if she wanted to watch "The View" and you wanted to watch a Civil War re-enactment?

Sane adults might compromise, say, with a neutral program like "The Price is Right." But 73-year-old Donald Zampini stabbed his 63-year-old female companion instead.

Zampini was sentenced to 18 years in jail yesterday for killing Barbara Morris in her East Windsor, N.J., home in 2006.

He says he doesn't remember why the couple fought over the remote control but evidently Morris's choice was so despicable that Zampini stabbed her 27 times.

Jailmates beware ... let this guy watch whatever he wants!

Believe it or not, this stabbing was just one of many violent remote-related outbursts.

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