Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No DirecTV for Media Center?

Gearlog reports that DirecTV probably won't be tying into Media Center anytime soon.

According the story, DirecTV has suspended the development of the HDPC-20, which was to integrate the satellite provider's high-def content into the Media Center framework, a la CableCard.

At CES in 2006, DirecTV said it was working on a Media Center solution, with the help of Intel's Viiv platform.

Two implementations of DirecTV for the PC were discussed during the show--an internal tuner card, and a box connected externally, probably via 1394.

Gearlog quotes a company spokesperson:
DIRECTV has suspended the development of the HDPC-20 tuner project that was designed to integrate DIRECTV service into Windows Media Center after assessing the impact of missing the August 2008 release of Windows Media Center update and considering timing of the next release.

Both DIRECTV and Microsoft understand the desirability of offering consumers an all encompassing DIRECTV programming solution via Windows-based PCs. We are continuing to explore ways to integrate DIRECTV service with Windows-based PCs in the future.

The HDPC-20 tuner that appears on the driver list of a pre-Beta build of Windows 7 is an artifact that was listed prior to the decision to suspend the tuner project. As our plans progress toward a Windows Media Center-compatible product, we will make an announcement at the appropriate time.

That is not to say, of course, that a DirecTV/Media Center solution won't be forthcoming. At the Media Center Labs in Redmond (above), Microsoft continues to test all possible scenarios for satellite integration.

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