Monday, December 1, 2008

Just what I was looking for: shadow box frames

We all know about the emails where some erstwhile rich member of the royalty has $1 million waiting for him ... and YOU can collect it if you provide your bank account number.

I can understand why I'm on those spam lists: I like money.

But this is a new one for me. I really have no interest in shadow box frames, the likes of which are being sold by Muhammad Afzal in Pakistan.
i want to salle shadow box frames. i have T - Shirt´s,
Golf Racket, Tennis Racket or Football t-shirt, CD shadow
box and Picture frame and Mirrors frame.i hope u like all
shadow box. i have knife shadow box and sword shadow box
as Dekoration. i am making frame Original Art, Prints,
Photographs, Needlework, Mirrors, Posters, Certifacates.
i have knife & hunting knife & sword as Dekoration . if u
like i am sand u picture. i am
wating your reply
muhammad afzal

Multan Art Gallery & Frame Maker
12\A International Plaza
Multan Cantt Multan
60000 Pakistan
I mean, don't they have spell-check in Pakistan?

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