Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Mother’s Plea: Just Fix It!

by Susan Jacobson

I am not a stupid woman. Old, maybe, but not stupid. I can read Chaucer in Middle English, give you the area if you give me the radius, hold my own in a discussion of Renaissance art, and make a chocolate souffle that will melt on your tongue.

What I cannot do is install a home computer or troubleshoot even the most minor problem.

That is why, when I purchased a new Dell desktop computer, I gladly paid an additional $200 to have someone come to my home, unpack it, install it, and show me how to use it.

True to their word, my $200 installation guys were punctual, pleasant, professional, and fast. Very fast. I had been told the process generally takes about two hours, but my speedsters were done in 45 minutes. The optimist would conclude that my guys were especially good. I say I got a raw deal.