Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If the Remote Control is in the Freezer, Where’s the Ice Cream?

“Afro” did not show up on Logitech’s survey about where people found their lost remotes. (Photo:
There's something to be said for those giant touchscreens that stay tethered to the coffee table for controlling your A/V gear: They're difficult to misplace.

As for the rest of today's remote controls -- they just keep getting smaller and smaller, often finding their way into shirt pockets that get thrown into the wash and then your spouse has a fit because you have to buy a new one and reprogram it, which was such a pain in the first place, and he swears he's going to Super Glue the next one to the end table ....

We don't know how many others are like the hypothetical consumer mentioned above, because "pockets" didn't show up on this year's Global Remote Control Trends Study by Logitech.

The manufacturer of Logitech universal remotes surveyed "thousands of people around the world" about the places they have found their lost remotes.

Survey says ...

Couch - 49%
Bathroom - 8%
Dresser drawer - 8%
Fridge/freezer - 4%
Outside or in the car - 2%

Coming soon: Now where did I leave those 3D glasses?

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