Sunday, October 10, 2010

City Hall candidate continues run after assault with a remote control

Don MacNeil, a candidate for city hall in Canada, was found guilty of throwing a remote control at his wife.

The woman suffered a bruised thigh, but the condition of the remote was not reported.

Unlike most remote-control attacks, this one was not spurred by arguments over channel and volume controls.

Instead, MacNeil says he threw the device at his wife because she was domineering and “would not allow him to have friends or have any money,” Canada’s cnews reports.

The news report continues:
"I am a victim of spousal abuse and the only reason I was charged is because I am a male," MacNeil insisted, weeping on the witness stand. "I contacted the women's shelter because there are no shelters for abused men in the country."
The domestic abuse charge will not deter MacNeil’s run for city hall in Barrie, Ont.

“It won’t stop me,” he said.

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