Sunday, July 18, 2010

A boo-boo on the pageant coach? (Gasp!)

By the way, yes, I made this discovery all by myself. I cut out the story to blog about the Bandaid, and when I went to the online story, I noticed the Photoshop magic.
That sure looks like a Bandaid on Ashley Hawks's left leg. Ordinarily, that's nothing to gasp about, but this is no ordinary photo. It accompanies an article about Hawks's pageant-coaching business, Style & Grace.

Style and Grace? I should say not!

For goodness sakes, Hawks is a model who "works runways all over the country." And her mother is a former pageant queen who "was always on her case about posture and manners."

Apparently, the lessons didn't take.

Flaunting a bandaged leg in the pages of the esteemed St. Paul Pioneer Press is most definitely not good manners. What kind of message does it send to Miss Minnesota hopefuls who study at Hawks's school of beauty and etiquette?

First Bandaids, then what? Unpolished nails?

Hold on there, Missy ... Boo-boo meets Photoshop?

But wait, there's more.

In the online version of "Pageant coaches give beauties that crowning touch," there's no Bandaid on Hawks's leg! Could it be that the online editors noticed the gaffe that apparently eluded both Hawks and the photographer, Scott Takushi?

Ah the wonders of Photoshop and second chances.

I can now picture the "tall, gorgeous, graceful and polite" Hawks as she was meant to be.

She will forever inspire me to "form a concise opinion on feminism and to avoid placing a hand on the widest part of [my] hip."

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