Monday, May 3, 2010

URC makes me famous!

 I have arrived.

URC made me the first poster-editor for its newsletter in a new feature called "Know Your Industry Journalist."

Here's an excerpt:
What does your average day look like?
I’m a morning person so I get up early—like 3:30 this particular morning to wrap up this piece and head to the airport.

I check about 40 RSS feeds through iGoogle to catch up on tech news, then get to writing. I hate writing, I truly do.

Then there’s interviews, and teleconferences, and EH brand meetings, and editorial planning, and making PowerPoints...

I work closely with our salespeople, after they stop yelling at me for not writing enough about their clients. We do this thing at EH in which anyone who sells something—big or small—sends an email to the entire staff. That’s a lot of email but it’s great for morale and I for one get a huge kick out of it.

I like to post at least a couple stories online every day and promote them on Twitter (@juliejacobson). I’ll check and non-stop for comments. I’m also addicted to Google Analytics, checking our site statistics throughout the day. I also check and several times a day, mostly to see what terrible things they’re saying about us.

And, yes, I’m usually still in my pajamas until early afternoon when I’ll do the stationary bike or take a jog during the 10 days of Minnesota summer.

I get about 400 emails per day and I’m terrible about responding. Sorry guys. If these pesky PR people would just leave me alone…

I often punctuate the day, when I’m not traveling, with visits to dealers, and we have a group of CE Pros in the Twin Cities that meets every month. I recommend it.

Today, I head to Chicago for a day to visit with Abt Electronics and M&K.
 Read the rest of the interview here.

Thanks for the opportunity, URC!

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