Monday, March 15, 2010

Too many colors in this PR ... that's only one of the problems

1. Dude, what's with all the colors?
2. Why do PR people send an email asking permission to send another email?!
3. Um, hello? How about actually naming the organization and providing a link?

Every business can become more "Green" and learn different ways to conserve energy,
improve their environmental practices, while also saving money.

May I send you some information on joining the only NEW Green Manufacturing, Construction and Industry Association which is Global in Scope?

It's FREE to join and there are lots of benefits.

MEMBERS include:Manufacturers of Every Kind and Specialty
Material Handling

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS include:Government
Supply Chain

And any Company
wanting to go GREEN
Looking forward towards hearing back from you.
Thank you.

Ian HowardIan Howard

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Samantha said...

What wrong with the colors?I don't get the point..Why is it that too many colors in the PR is a problem??Please!!I need an explanation..

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