Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plagiarist David Richards strikes again

I don't know why this guy gives himself a byline. The credit should be: Subtitle by David Richards. Story by Julie Jacobson.

My words verbatim after "CE Pro."

Leave it to David to do such a poor job on the only two sentences he did write. Only one typo ("officals") so he's improving...
Control4 Talks To Sonos

By David Richards | Wednesday | 27/01/2010

The development of new home control software by a UK company is set to allow owners of Control4 software to talk directly to a Sonos multi-room audio system.

Software company Extra Vegetables will demonstrate the new software at next week's Integrated Systems Europe show in London, according to company officals.

CEPro in the USA reported: "Sonos is the music streaming solution of choice for many home owners as it provides a convenient way to enjoy music in every room wirelessly," says Vegetables spokesperson Jane Scotland. "However, up to now controlling a Sonos system and other entertainment equipment has meant juggling a Sonos controller and multiple remotes."

With the Vegetables solution, users can employ a full range of Control4 interfaces to manage their Sonos music system. From a Control4 touchscreen, for example (the same touchscreen that controls the lights, thermostats and A/V gear), customers can browse through their Sonos music library, create song queues and distribute the tunes to any ZonePlayer on the network. They can also control the volume of the music in any zone.

There are limitations, however. Even with the Vegetables driver, the Sonos system still remains somewhat isolated. Only media from the Sonos database is played by the ZonePlayers. Similarly, the Sonos database is not made available to Control4 devices.


Anonymous said...

Probably not even his real name.

Anonymous said...


David W Richards actually is his real name. He's a talentless hack, an overbearing thug, and a shameless content thief. He's been getting away with this for years now.

You can be sure any marketing manager who buys advertising on Mr. Richards' various shoddy 4SquareMedia sites is a cretin who doesn't even know how to use Google to do five minutes of background research on him.