Saturday, November 28, 2009

Iron image: Jesus or HDMI eye pattern?

You be the judge: Take the poll top right.

Mary Jo Coady of Methuen, Mass. thinks she found an image of Jesus on her iron.

According to the Boston Globe, she shared the photo on Facebook, and was reassured by friends that they, too, saw Jesus on the iron.

"So I said, 'OK, I'm not crazy,'" Coady said.

Funny thing is ... I received the same image from HDMI guru and CE Pro contributor Jeff Boccaccio who says, "When you turn the iron sideways,  it looks like an HDMI eye pattern."

Of course, I have my own ideas:


Dave Stevens said...

As much as I love you and Jeff, you are both incorrect. This photo could not possibly be an iron... It is a blown circuit board from either a Carver Sunfire Home Theater Master Processor or True Fire Subwoofer. An iron simply cannot generate as much heat as any Carver product.

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