Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am not THAT Julie Jacobson

I am not the AP photographer who snapped the picture of the mortally wounded Marine Lance Cpl Joshua M. Bernard, who lost his life fighting in Afghanistan.

I, too, happen to be a journalist, but I'm not Julie Jacobson the photojournalist.

So kindly refrain from sending me any more hate e-mails.

But ... the Julie who did snap the images is not the culprit. Journalists take the pictures and write the stories, and then forward them immediately to their bosses. It is out of their hands after that. I believe Julie Jacobson/AP is a hero for risking her own life to chronicle the lives of those who serve our country.


Anonymous said...

She's no hero. If you talk to her, tell her good luck in gaining the trust of the Marines again. Good luck in getting good information from the Marines. She'll be sent on wild goose chases. Would you feel the same if it was your son, daughter, mother, or father laying they dying in the photograph on the newspaper? I'm beginning to wonder if one must surrender their humanity in Journalism school in order to become a vulture hovering over the dying?

39 Cent Stamp said...

Maybe this explains the virus site i got from google alerts? :) Good to see the morons in America are keeping busy.

Save all the hate email and forward it to the FBI. If they can track down soccer moms who are downloading music they can find the rednecks who think there is only 1 Julie Jacobson in the world.

Ignatius said...

Look up the word hero. Of the two principals in this event, the Marine is the hero, not the opportunist. The press is its own worst enemy. They're just snitches. No one does more to make me think the 1st Amendment isn't really all that... not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Miss Jacobson,

I agree with you, she is a hero. She was there, saw horrific things happening, and was courageous enough to document those things.

I find it necessary to come to your defense from the anonymous blogger who posted 9/5/09 @9:46 am. I am a veteran. My husband was also a veteran. If my children were able, they would be there right now too. If this would be how they met their end, I would never dream of objecting to this image being used. Isn't the whole idea of this war to promote freedoms for everyone? That's what the government has been telling us for years. So how could I be so selfish and refuse to let the world see exactly the toll on my child, as well as on those in his outfit was? We are doing our service members a grave disservice by NOT letting those at home see what is happening to our kids. We send them off all shiny and fresh scrubbed and people still continue to be horrified by the damage (physical and mental) they come home with.

Figure it out, folks, because it can not work both ways. Protest if you want to....against the war itself, against the government and the administration. Espouse those very same actions if you want. Pick a side and stick to it, but please do not take it out on our best and brightest who have volunteered to go and put their ass on the line for our way of life. Don't diminish the sacrifices they are making by calling this type of image unAmerican and expoitive.

Anonymous said...

Julie Jackobson is a True Hero. She is doing a great service to the Mujagede fighters by exposing the truth to the American Public showing them the hopelessness of their cause and encouraging the Public to insist the US Government Leave all Muslim Lands. All Journalists like her are true Mujahede Fighters on the Political front where the decisive Victory will be achieved with the help of thoose like Julie who are willing to risk all for Victory..

Ignatius said...

Congratulations Not The Real Julie Jacobson, you now sound like the enemy! You idolize a pustulent whore who will stoop to any depth to please her pimp. So for the love of money why stop at publishing a photo of a fellow American citizen in his dying moments (the same as a snuff film really and who doesn't love that), why not publish the dying moments of her parents? I mean, why not, right? That's her rationale.

If there is any justice in the world, I will be around when the acid vomitorium erected by the "real" Julie Jacobson and her pimps and her sycophants serves as her last visit to a bath.

And recorded for us to thrust into her mother's face, of course.

Ignatius said...

"Don't diminish the sacrifices they are making by calling this type of image unAmerican and expoitive. September 5, 2009 4:03 PM"

IF the Anonymous commenter is in fact an American Veteran, particularly one who has seen combat, then I have nothing to say to them. For if anyone has earned the right to say anything, no matter how repugnant, it is her.

IF NOT, well, then let me get this straight: you wouldn't mind have the dying moment of your child thrust in your face, making the maker-and-thruster millions of dollars, zero of which goes to you or some good cause in the name of your child? The betrayal exacted by that succubus Julie Jacobson the AP whore photographer and her pimping employer Associated Press is so abhorent, so base, so utterly useless it is of no service whatsoever to the First Amendment, the Constitution or certainly this country.

To declaim that one must, must, tolerate the evil cruelty that is the publishing of the photo of a person's dying moment, in contravention of a decent man's specific request, in order allegedly preserve this thing called free speech or free press, then you give permission and blessing to commit suicide of the Republic. And which if it were really necessary to hold oneself up as the moral conscience of fellow Americans, humans at large, because clearly you think we're incapable of having it for ourselves, then why not thrust pictures in front of us of suicides, why not of the elderly dying slowly in nursing homes, why not of babies dying of whooping cough, why not of people hit by trains? Why draw a line of restraint of any kind?

No, fair mother veteran, if indeed you are, you make a mistake of such as Cindy Sheehan. Failing to identify with the noble spirits and citizens who are the foundation of America and choosing instead to rail against death of any kind. As if death were the worst that could happen. Blinded by the pain of her loss, she is, of her own choosing, a woman without a country. A country for which her son VOLUNTARILY chose to fight. A full grown man with free will. That his sacrifice amounts to nothing but a moment to exploit his actual death, like any fine snuff film maker would, let you claim even the pennies upon his eyes, is an act of cowardice to justify one's moment of politicizing the rendering of his spirit unto his maker, whether you believe in such or not, to futher your own feeling holier than even the deceased.

And oh by the way, the Constitution was designed to prevent the GOVERNMENT from stifling our POLITICAL speech and from shutting down a critical press. It does not give us permission to feed like jackals on the barely cool corpse of one of her heroes. And Julie Jacobson is not a hero. She is still quite alive, she did nothing to risk her life for another (please, a reporter doing a lazy and cruel job of "reporting"? Hardly the noble gesture of heroic proportions and to insist otherwise is to cheapen the entire life given by LCpl Bernard and all like him).

All the monstress Julie Jacobson did was fail to make an effort to do her job with more and better words, and she did not just resort to falling on a picture, she decided she hated LCpl Bernard's father enough to grind the image of his dying son into his gaping wounded heart.

Fear not, Not THAT Real Julie Jacobson, I've had enough fighting the New Speak here. The double plus ungood of overstating the heartbreakingly obvious feels like sticking up for the Jews in the face of the SS.

David said...

I see the haters are out in full force. And as usual, the hate is justified with the *excuse* of religion or patriotism. I wonder if they all think this photographer was evil:

That is not to say that intelligent people cannot disagree, unfortunately only a few have shown up here.

Anonymous said...

All the monstress Julie Jacobson did was fail to make an effort to do her job with more and better words, and she did not just resort to falling on a picture, she decided she hated LCpl Bernard's father enough to grind the image of his dying son into his gaping wounded heart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who posted September 5, 2009 9:46 AM. I'm David Bordelon. I served on board the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2 from Nov 1990 (right after the steam leak that killed 10 engineers, I was one of their replacements) until decom in July 1993. Then went to the USS LaSalle AGF-3 and served there until December 1996. It was there that I injured my shoulder on our generators. That began my failing of the Navy's fitness test and my discharge in December 1997, 7 years and 10 months. I usually just round it off and tell people 8 years. Was a machinist mate petty officer second class (E-5 paygrade). Including myself, there are 10 family members who served in either the Navy or Army in WW2, Korea, Cuban Missle Crisis, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Bosnia, and the current war. I don't have a google account nor do I want one.

Cridhe Saorsa said...

Your excuse absolving all journalists of their role in morally reprehensive behavior is sickening. You know it is about the money. We know it is about the money. Blood sells and we all know that the old lie that journalists and photographers are somehow above partisanship is just bullshit.

Anonymous said...

yeah. A real hero. Blame the camera too. Not her! Journalist are as bad, if not worse, than ambulance chasing lawyers. If it bleeds it leads.

beautytransforming said...

Hero? How would she have felt if she were laying there dying and someone was snapping photos of her? She should have been on her knees praying for that young man, or on her knees thanking him for his service and giving her the RIGHT to snap those photos. Instead, her INITIAL INSTINCT was to snap a photo of a dying young man. It WAS in her hands. She could have had respect for him. She could have consoled him, held his hand, THANKED HIM... but INSTEAD, she SNAPPED A PICTURE of him WHILE HE WAS DYING! Wow... and you call HER the hero. What about THAT YOUNG man WHO DIED. HE was the HERO! He was the one there risking his life for US. Please refrain from throwing the word hero around so easily.

Julie Jacobson said...

For all she knew when she took that shot, she was photographing what might become a great story of survival. It was undoubtedly among the thousands she sent back to the AP. It is the AP that made the decision to release it after all of the information came in.

Ronbo said...

The cowardly AP Julie Jacobson who for personal, professional and political reasons took the picture of the dying Marine is a vile traitor-bitch to the United States of America. Quite honestly, I'm sick of of scum like this being allowed to exist. I pray for civil war so that such vile creatures can be terminated with extreme prejudice. Death to all enemies of the Republic: May their bloody and dying bodies be published all over the Internet!

39 Cent Stamp said...

I think rambo.. i mean ronbo.. needs to take his meds. That, or lay off the video games for a while.

Julie Jacobson said...

Ouch. It appears both Ronbo and I are big fans of Ayn Rand.

39 Cent Stamp said...

There is plenty of room over here on the left Julie :).

Jason said...

To the "real" Julie Jacobson who has this Web site... you'd better think about changing your name to calm to furor.
Here are a few name-change ideas that should cut down on the nasty traffic on your Web site:
Dick Cheney
George MacArthur
Norman Schwarzkopf
George Patton
Omar Bradley

Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

A hero? The real heros are the ones fighting and dying out there-not the people being protected to make a buck.

I can only hope Julie Jacobson gets hit herself and we won't have POS like this anywhere near our great military men or women.

Anonymous said...

HAHA the guy that claimed to be a veteran with such strong views on the horror of war was never in ground combat! Bwahahahahahah!
What would you know about it Navy guy? Nothing.


39 Cent Stamp said...

I cant wait until someone else named 39 Cent Stamp does something 'controversial' so i can get so many comments to laugh at.

Can you edit your comments Julie? With wordpress i can turn hate mail into love letters and ignorance into reality :).

dave stevens said...

I know you are not "THAT" Julie Jacobson. But if you ever show a picture of one of my Sunfire amps or subwoofers dying a slow miserable death, you and I are going to have some problems Missy.

Bob Carver

Anonymous said...

I am not THAT Julie Jacobson comment of September 6, 2009 11:23 AM -

It is no longer heroic, it is merely her pimp's fault that her supreme callousness was published? She's the innocent passerby? Or did she turn in her film without so much as glancing at it?

Nope, sorry, she knew fully well what she was doing and she could not have cared less.

Why would a sociopath be a better journalist than a complete human?

If you don't get it, you never will. Journalism continues to die because lately, it appears to attract only the hollow.

39 Cent Stamp said...

It is no longer heroic, it is merely our fault that our children are sent to their deaths defending a lie? We are the innocent passerby? Or did we turn our heads without so much as questioning what evil they were doing?

Nope, sorry, we knew fully well what we were doing and we could not have cared less.

Why would a sociopath be elected president? Twice?

If you don't get it, you never will. Our country and its government continues to die because lately, it appears to attract only the hollow.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the self-appointed mirror of man. 39 Cent Stamp is incapable of making his or her own arguments in favor of the whore, so they attempt to hold up another person's reasoning to point out what they consider self-evident hypocrisy.

It is the hallmark of children who have not yet witnessed all the rest of what the adult has already learned.

You think our soldiers are all children (obviously, not true), that they believe a lie (obviously, they would disagree, as would I), and we (do you mean we as in the American public or humans in general or who) are not as innocent as you think we think we are. Your lazy rearrangement of someone else's words is fetid with condescension.

Trying to conflate the individual responsibility of the terrorist sympathizing photographer who supplied them one of their favorite recruiting images, with the staggering responsibility of a president to order war is to try to tie one end of the universe to the other with a string of spit.

But as a stamp, and an outdated one at that, spit is probably all 39 Cent can produce.

39 Cent Stamp said...
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39 Cent Stamp said...

When you stop voting murderers into positions of power you wont have to worry about seeing photos of reality. That boy died. And because of that photo you know about it.

Why is it that your wired so your anger goes towards the one who took the photo instead of the one who sent him there?

Do you know anything about cause and effect? If you did you would know that the photographer had ZERO to do with that boys death.

As a matter of fact.. if you voted for Bush.. you are more responsible than she is for his murder.