Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hotel fees ... are you kidding me?

Do hotels really think they're fooling anyone by charging a base rate, and then tacking on a "resort fee"?

At least I've seen that one before, but this is a new one: housekeeping gratuity fee.

Indeed, my hotel for the CEA Forum was only $209 per night ... plus a $10 resort fee ... plus a $2 housekeeping gratuity fee.

Now there's a fine incentive for the housekeeping staff. Here's an idea: why doesn't the hotel just foot their bill instead? Or just charge $211 or $221 for the hotel room.

This just in:
Cancellation Policy: Reservations that are cancelled within 72 hours of arrival or do not arrive on the scheduled arrival date will be charged one night's room rate, tax, and resort fee.
Oh goodie, I get to keep that $2/night gratuity (but I guess I'm still paying for Internet access, the gym and USA Today).

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