Monday, August 17, 2009

I hate Epson printers

All I want to do is print something in black & white ... and I have B&W cartridges aplenty.

But, noooooooo. Epson won't let me print anything at all unless I have ink in all 4 cartridges. And I'm out of friggin' cyan.

That is stupid and I will never buy them again.


Danny said...

Though I have other reasons to hate Epson, this is not one of them. They do this to protect people like you from themselves. There is a very good reason why you need all 4 cartridges. The longer you wait to replace the missing one, the greater the chance you will destroy your printer. Read this article for details

taj94509 said...

Amen sister, we have a laser printer by them and at $75 a pop, i am actually ok not having magenta for a few days, but NOOO, no gray-scale printing for me.