Sunday, August 30, 2009

At least David Richards is an equal-opportunity plagiarizer

Our friend from Smart House Australia must think it isn't plagiarism if he copies -- verbatim -- a story from another publication, as long as he mentions in the story the title of the publication (no link, of course).

In this case, it wasn't CE Pro, but TWICE magazine that faux-writer David Richards plagiarized.

It's about the RealDVD legal case.

TWICE story: Real's Legal Setback Clouds DVD Servers
David's story, attributed to "Agencies": DVD Copying Decision Set to Hurt Home Technology Vendors

In his 740-word story, I counted about 70 words that were David's own. The rest: 100% TWICE.

And here's the thanks that TWICE gets: "TWICE Magazine wrote that ...".

No link, I remind you.

David has claimed that it isn't plagiarism to "rewrite" someone else's story. But there was no rewrite in this case.

At least he could have included a typo. That, after all, is his trademark:

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39 Cent Stamp said...

When your dressed like that no one cares if you can spell.