Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Minnesota man deserved to be stabbed for usurping remote

My local newspaper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, makes a big deal about a woman who stabbed her boyfriend because he wanted control of the remote.

I mean … duh.

My three late husbands wanted to watch their shows while I was happily popping bon bons to Oprah. Duane knows better. No sports for him!

According to the report, Brittney Love Venton stabbed Nicholas Ervin Smith in the gut over some TV-related disagreement that he cannot recall.

The Pioneer Press quotes a neighbor, who heard the fracas:

"One person wanted to see one thing, one person wanted to see the other, so she stabbed him in the stomach," said Juanita Luke, who lives in the apartment downstairs from the rental unit where Smith lives. "It was like a movie or a music video. It was between that."

They should make soup of their remote control.

Hopefully he learned his lesson.

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