Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Easy way to keep in contact with clients and trade partners

One of my favorite business consultants in the CE industry, Steve Firszt, has a great automated solution for sending out greeting cards in bulk, at a low cost, and with almost no hassle.

Oh yes, and you can even customize the cards.

He sent me one for the holidays, which had a pretty little holiday image on the front, his logo inside, and a personal message to me (no, it didn't beg me for more press coverage).

The address on the envelope looked hand-written, as did the personal note inside. And there was even a real stamp on it.

If you have at least 125 clients or other contacts that you'd like to keep in touch with, Steve's got a darn good answer. You'd get 700 cards sent over a two-year period at about $1.38 apiece, including postage.

With the economy the way it is, all you have right now are your past clients, trade partners and other friends in your database.

Start sending them cards!

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