Monday, November 24, 2008

TechHome Leadership Award - who should win in '09?

The Consumer Electronics Association is taking nominations for its annual TechHome Leadership Award.

I nominated Joel Silver and Grayson Evans. Other good prospects are Petro Shimonishi (NetStreams), Al Barron (Polk Audio), and Walt Zerbe (Russound).

Send your nominations to

Here are the previous winners. Who's missing?

David Rodarte, NuVo Technologies LLC (2008)
Bill Maronet, ETC Inc. (2007)
Tom Callahan, Sawyers Control Systems (2006)
David Hanchette, On-Q/Legrand (formerly EH Publishing Inc.) (2005)
Peter Hoagland, BG Corporation (2004)
Duane Paulson, Sequel Technologies LLC (formerly ITI/GE Security) (2003)
Richard Scholl, Worthington Distribution (2002)
John Galante, EH Publishing Inc. (2001)
Ken Kerr, Home Controls Inc. (2000)
Jay McLellan, Home Automation Inc. (1999)
Ken Moyes, EH Publishing Inc. (1998)
Joe Freeman, J. P. Laboratories LLC (1997)
Doug Fikse, Founder and President, On-Q Home (1996)
Mark Hollcraft, Leviton Manufacturing Company (1995)
Pete Lesser, Bill Scheffler, Dave Rye, X10 USA (1994)

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