Saturday, September 15, 2012

Renters have to be cooking meth

Latest from our Craigs List house-renters: Axe murderers, swindlers, meth-lab technicians or just super-excited tenants?!
Holy closets! 10 closets have been wiped down, edge vacuumed all of them, shampooed the ones with carpet and painted all closet interiors a fresh white. They look fabulous! 
ed 3 photos. The carpets look great. Look carefully at the color difference in the attached photo with the shampooer.

We've also been busy this week cleaning and painting. I have attach

When I started wiping down walls in the office, I noticed colored paper was glue to wallpaper behind the shelf. I stripped the colored paper, scrubbed off the glue, primed the wallpaper attached to the plaster wall and painted the area with a color called: Rain Storm. It is a steel gray/blue. It looks crisp and clean. The attached photo shows the Rain Storm paint color better on the wall of the closet door, but trust me it looks fabulous behind the shelves too.

The last photo is Philip starting to prime the double-door closet so we can paint it all white inside. I'll send a photo of the finished closet soon.

This weekend we are moving some stuff in, doing cork floors and painting the yellow bedroom a soft a natural-friendly color to appeal more to buyers, although secretly we are hoping we can somehow become your buyers as we are falling in love with the house and its energy.
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