Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fiscal conservative/social liberal guide to Calif. Ballot Props 2012

For the 2012 general election, you can find the official Republican voter guide here and the official Democratic voter guide here. If you fall somewhere in between but tend to the right, try the American Independent party voter guide here.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent (judging by their ballot endorsements).

I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. The closest voter guide for that comes from California Libertarian Jonathan Jaech. His explanations make perfectly good sense in my book, and I followed all of his recommendations except for Props 32 and 40, which I don't entirely understand.

If you're a fiscal conservative/social liberal like me, definitely check out Jaech's thoughtful analysis of the props.

This whole ballot proposition thing is new to me, having just moved to California from Minnesota. I studied the them pretty diligently and here's how I voted.

  • Prop 30: NO (Nonsensical tax hikes)
    Prop 31: no opinion (Frankly, I don't understand the issues on this one)
  • Prop 32: YES (Bars corporations and unions from distributing mandatory wage deductions to political causes. Yes, it is seen as a union-bashing initiative since corporations can't take wage deductions, but why not just let individual union members decide who to support? Does a vehement abortion-rights foe want his wages going to Obama?)
  • Prop 33: YES (Rewards responsible drivers who switch car insurance companies.)
  • Prop 34: YES (Eliminates death penalty. Regardless of moral stance, the death penalty is massively more expensive than life without parole. Furthermore, eliminating the death penalty keeps families from having to relive the crime over and over again, often for decades.)
  • Prop 35: NO (Looks good on surface – increasing human trafficking penalties – but overly criminalizes even the mildest sexual “offenses” like consensual sex for pay. Furthermore, the wording is hazy and overly broad.)
  • Prop 36: YES (liberalizes the overly-harsh, cruel-and-unusual three-strikes law)
  • Prop 37: NO (new food labeling law seems like a good idea but it's arbitrary and ill-conceived)
  • Prop 38: NO (more crazy tax hikes)
  • Prop 39: NO (increases tax burden on multistate companies who provide jobs in Calif., creating an even harsher business climate.)
  • Prop 40: no opinion 
If you don't agree with me ... vote anyway!

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